Opening Hours: Western Australia Day

Published on 29 May 2019
Category: Public Notice

Western Australia Day (formerly known as Foundation Day) is celebrated in WA on the first Monday of June each year.

Western Australia Day: Double demerits are in operation from Friday 31 May to Monday 3 June 2019 inclusive.
See Office of Road Safety website for details

Waste Collections

Remain unchanged for Monday 3 June 2019.  Waste Bins and Recycle Bins are to be placed out on the verge for collection by 6:00am.
ENQUIRIES: PHONE (08) 9449 3332.

Ranger Services

Phone (08) 9257 9999
Hours: 7.30am until 3.30pm
Calls are received by an after-hours provider who record all contact information. The on duty Ranger will return the call based on the information given to the after-hours providers.
Find more about rangers services here


Some of our facilities have alternate hours on Monday 3rd June 2019.

  • Zig Zag Cultural Centre: 10am - 4pm
  • Kalamunda History Village: 10am - 3pm
  • *Hartfield Park Recreation Centre: 8am - 12noon
  • High Wycombe Recreation Centre: 24/7 Gym (unmanned)

Administration Centre,  Libraries, Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre, Walliston Transfer Station.

* Hartfield Park Recreation Centre creche is closed.
Group Fitness Class, Body Attack is scheduled for 9.25am

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