Wattle Grove South Future Direction

Published on 27 February 2019
Category: Public Notice

Council has unanimously supported a motion to remove general or light industrial land uses in the future consultation and planning for Wattle Grove South.

A motion was put forward on the matter at the February Ordinary Council Meeting.

The Council resolution is as follows:

That Council:

  1. REQUEST the Chief Executive Officer to cease investigations into the establishment of a Consultative Community Committee of Council to consider recommendations for the future of Wattle Grove South.
  2. REQUESTS the Chief Executive Officer to create a partial budget allocation in the 2018/2019 mid-year review, to commence the process, and the balance to be allocated in the 2019/2020 annual budget for the purpose of engaging the services of suitably qualified consultants to conduct a comprehensive community consultation program with landowners within and bordering the subject area to determine the level of community support for a variety of land use concept plans that incorporate the following design principles:
    • a) Exclude any general or light industrial land uses.
    • b) Reflect and acknowledge existing lifestyle and recreational opportunities of the area.
    • c) A high-quality residential outcome that includes a range of densities.
    • d)Include an appropriate amount of commercial development based on best practice design principles, including but not limited to public transport, technology, educational, medical and retail opportunities.
    • e) Retain existing vegetation and tree canopy cover where possible.
    • f) Consider tourism development opportunities that embrace the environmental, social and financial aspects of the City of Kalamunda.
    • g) Provide for modern sustainable housing design principles including renewable energy capture, water sensitive urban design, storage, sharing capabilities and smart city initiatives.
    • h) The subject area ‘Wattle Grove South’ to also include the land to the north of Welshpool Road East bounded by Tonkin Hwy, Lewis Road and Hartfield Golf Course.


    Cr Margaret Thomas


    Cr Dylan O’Connor



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