Hills Fig Tree Saved with Remedial Works

Published on 1 February 2019
Category: Public Notice


Residents in Coral Road, Kalamunda, have been in discussions with the City of Kalamunda over the last fortnight regarding the future of a large mature Hills Fig Tree, with a desire to ensure the tree could be retained despite concerns over its safety.

Hills Fig Tree Saved

The discussions started after Sunday 13 January, when a substantial limb failed and fell to ground.

Tree contractor’s attended site the next morning to do clean up and assess the tree damage.

An initial assessment indicated that tree should be felled due to its compromised status, and this information was communicated.

The CEO reviewed the situation, with a strong desire to retain the tree should it be able to be safely remediated.

Mayor John Giardina, “We are extremely pleased to advise that the tree can be retained and some safety measures will be put in place to mitigate the risk of further limbs dropping.”

“Many local landowners have been in discussion with Councillors and staff at the City, expressing their thoughts on the visual amenity and value of the tree to their street.”

Hills Fig Tree Saved 2

To allow retention, repair of the wounds caused by the fallen limb and further pruning of limbs will be undertaken, along with bracing installed within the tree to deal with the weight forces of the limbs on the trunk and as mitigation for a subsequent limb failure.

The tree is a Ficus microcarpa hillii, more commonly known as a Hills Fig. The tree is of excellent size, which prompted the discussion re: how it could be preserved.

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