Vision & Values


“The Shire will have a diversity of lifestyles and people. It will take pride in caring for the natural, social, cultural and built environments and provide opportunities for people of all ages.”

Our Vision Story

Our history is steeped in pioneers that have left a very clear imprint on the landscape of the Shire of Kalamunda. The foothills and the hills over the past 40 years to a large extent have been overlooked by development but this era is about to change. By the Year 2023:-

  • Our people live in harmony in diverse, healthy and connected communities.
  • We celebrate our rich cultural creativity and the heritage that defines us.
  • Our town centres are being revitalised and are distinctive and inviting.
  • Our residential areas are safe and built with quality.
  • We have protected and enhanced the remnant bushland responsibly for future generations to enjoy.
  • Our local economy is strong and offers a wide range of employment choice and access to education opportunities for all those wishing to acquire skills.
  • We have learned to use all our resources wisely, we always listen to our community and we lead openly and ethically.
  • We have a deeply engrained progressive attitude to all we do and we will build infrastructure that is state of the art.
  • We are a sought after eco-tourism destination and our small businesses are thriving.
  • We are all proud to be citizens of Kalamunda.
  • We are living sustainably.


Core Values

Service: We deliver excellent service by actively engaging and listening to each other.

Respect: We trust and respect each other by valuing our difference, communicating openly and showing integrity in all we do.

Diversity: We challenge ourselves by keeping our minds open and looking for all possibilities and opportunities.

Ethics: We provide honest, open, equitable and responsive leadership by demonstrating high standards of ethical behaviour.

Aspirational Values

Creativity: We create and innovate to improve all we do.

Courage: We take risks that are calculated to lead us to a bold new future.

Prosperity: We will ensure our Shire has a robust economy through a mixture of industrial and commercial development

Harmony: We will retain our natural assets in balance with our built environment

Our simple guiding principle will be to ensure everything we do will make Kalamunda socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.


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