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Kalamunda Advancing - Strategic Community Plan to 2027

The Kalamunda Advancing - Strategic Community Plan is the highest level plan the Council will prepare. Its purpose is to document the community’s main priorities, expectations and aspirations for the City of Kalamunda over a 10 year time period. The City will then use this Plan to structure its business activities and develop specific guiding plans, resourcing plans and other informing strategies, such as the corporate plan, Long-term Financial Plan, annual budgets, workforce plans, asset management plans and service plans. Kalamunda Advancing was adopted by Council on Monday 26 June 2017.

Kalamunda Advancing - Strategic Community Plan
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About the Strategic Community Plan

Integrated planning and reporting gives local governments a framework for establishing local priorities and to link this information to operational functions.

There are three major parties to the development of an integrated strategic plan.

  1. The community – is the key to the community planning process, providing input into the vision and future of the City.
  2. The Council – endorses the Strategic Community Plan and the Annual Budget.
  3. The City of Kalamunda supports delivery of the Strategic Community Plan. This includes reviewing and working with the Council on the Annual Budget.

Earlier this year the City of Kalamunda undertook a Community Perception Survey. Through October and November 2016, a community survey was performed and workshops were held with local sporting and community groups, and with a random sample of residents specifically to focus on place planning outcomes.

Further Information:
Post: PO Box 42, KALAMUNDA WA 6926
Phone: 9257 9999


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