Nominating for Council


Call for Nominations

Any eligible elector can stand for election as a City of Kalamunda Councillor. Skilled and interested community members are encouraged to nominate. To check your eligibility to nominate in the council election, please see the WA Electoral Commission website

If you’re considering running for Council, the Department of Local Government and Communities website contains comprehensive information on the process, expectations and responsibilities of Councillors. You can also find resources on how to run an election campaign and information on voting.

The WA Electoral Commission are administering the City of Kalamunda local government election in 2017. The Commission also provide great resources for candidates including information on the disclosure of gifts and the appointment of scrutineers.

Nomination dates

There are NO current nominations

Returning Officer

The City’s Returning Officer is responsible for the conduct and processes associated with the City of Kalamunda local government elections. The Returning Officer is able to provide further information for prospective candidates including guides and forms for candidates and scrutineers.

The City’s Returning Officer is appointed by the WA Electoral Commission.

Nomination Requirements & Submissions

Nominations are to be finalised and lodged in person with the City’s Returning Officer, who is responsible for the local government election once the nomination period opens.

Candidates are required to:

  • Complete nomination form in the prescribed form, signed and witnessed. Nomination forms are also available from the Returning Officer; the Western Australian Electoral Commission or the City of Kalamunda
  • a single A4 page profile containing not more than 150 words of information about the candidate
  • A nomination deposit of $80.00 in the form of cash, bank cheque or money order
  • A photograph (optional).

Prior to nominating, potential candidates should read the WA Electoral Commission’s Guide for Candidates (Postal Elections)  and be familiar with eligibility, nomination and disclosure of gifts requirements.

Candidates are encouraged to make an appointment with the City’s Returning Officer well before nominations close to discuss nominations. The City’s Returning Officer will be available at the City of Kalamunda Administration Centre for appointments during the nomination period.

The Commission has developed an online system called Nomination Builder to assist candidates to complete their nomination form which includes the candidate profile. This is the preferred method of completing the nomination form and profile for elections conducted by the Commission. Candidates complete their nomination details and profile, print the completed form which has a reference number allocated and lodge it with the Returning Officer. The nomination builder can be accessed at

Where an agent lodges a nomination on a candidate’s behalf, it must be in the prescribed form with a written authorisation signed by the candidate.

The documents may be hand delivered, posted or faxed to the Returning Officer and must be received by the close of nominations.

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