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Grants & Funding

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Community Funding Program

The Community Funding Programs are a one-off contribution to assist local community groups and individuals to deliver projects that:
  • Increase community participation and involvement within the City of Kalamunda
  • Build the skills and knowledge of association and/or community members
  • Increase volunteering pride and/ or celebrate the diversity within our community

The Community Funding Information Pack has full details on all grants available. This Pack will assist applicants with questions such as: What are the conditions of funding? Who is eligible for funding? How will applications be assessed? 

Community Funding Information Pack (PDF, 777KB)

Below are the community funding categories available:

Community Events Funding Program 

Funding is subject to budget consideration

  • Funding round – all year round, however, is dependent on the budget deliberation cycle
  • To enhance the cultural life of the community with a diverse range of cultural opportunities, experiences and events.
  • To facilitate social, economic and or environmental benefits to the City of Kalamunda through the provision of local community events

Community Events Funding Program (PDF, 141Kb)

Sport and Recreation Development

Up to $1000

  • Funding Round 1 (1 February – 31 March) Funding Round 2 (1 October – 30 November)
  • To extend and support the level of participation in sports and recreation activities within the community
  • To increase the number and variety of recreation opportunities within the community
  • To support volunteers within sporting groups

Sport & Recreation Development Funding(PDF, 142Kb)

Community Groups Development

Up to $1000

  • Funding round 1 (1 February – 31 March) Funding Round 2 (1 October – 30 November)
  • All community groups wishing to undertake a project are encouraged to apply. Think about initiatives which bring positive and lasting benefits to our community, and which may bring together people of different ages, interests and backgrounds. Be creative!

Community Development Funding (PDF, 143Kb)

Student Citizenship Awards

Up to $50 voucher per student

  • Nominations from August through September
  • To recognise young people who have made an outstanding contribution within the community
  • To recognise students who have demonstrated strong leadership skills within the community

Student Citizenship Awards (PDF, 116Kb)

Kala Sports Star Awards

Junior Under 18 $250 Senior 18-25 $150

  • Funding Round 1 (close 31 October) Funding Round 2 (Close 31 March)
  • To recognise the achievement of local athletes who have represented their state or country in their chosen sport
  • To support local athletes and their families financially in their elite sports pursuits

Kala Sports Stars (PDF, 140Kb)

Club Fundraising Program

Club fundraising sponsorship is intended to assist local City of Kalamunda sporting clubs who require assistance to raise money for the Club through fundraising activities. The City of Kalamunda proudly assists and supports local sporting clubs to promote a healthy and active community.

Funding Rounds: upto $500

  • Funding Round 1: 1 February — 31 March
  • Funding Round 2: 1 October — 30 November

The program is designed to assist sporting clubs in their fundraising efforts by providing funding for costs associated with fundraising events. Funding to be used specifically twoards fundraising. Interested clubs must discuss application with Recreation Services Officer

Download Application Form

Capital Grants: Sporting and Community Groups

The new City of Kalamunda Capital Grants policy will require all clubs and community groups to follow the process below;

Following this;

  • It is proposed that in February and March a new Strategic Sport and Recreation Community Committee will assess all Sport and Recreation EOIs and determine which Capital projects will be recommended to Council for support.
  • In June, Council will then prioritise and endorse projects as part of the annual budget and Long Term Financial Planning cycle.
  • Pending Council endorsement, clubs and community groups seeking external funding will be invited to submit funding applications such as Lottery west or Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund.

So what is the next step?

For further information, please contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999.

Funding Acquittal Form

Should your Club be successful in obtaining funding from the City of Kalamunda, a funding acquittal form will be required to be completed and submitted to the City no later than three months from the date of completion of the project/event.
Funding Acquittal Form (PDF, 152KB)

Should your Sporting Club or Community Group wish to undertake any additions or improvements to existing City facilities or reserves, please complete the following form for approval:
Application to Undertake Improvements Form (PDF, 189Kb)

* The form will be required to be approved by the relevant City Department.

If you have any queries regarding the Financial Assistance Programs, please contact the City’s Recreation Services Officer, on 9257 9839 or alternatively via email,


DSR.jpgCommunity Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) 2017/18 Funding Round

The Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) seeks applications from incorporated, not for profit community groups and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) for financial support through the CSRFF.  Through  the  CSRFF  funding  program,   the  State  Government  provides  financial assistance to community groups and local governments to develop basic,  sustainable infrastructure for sport and recreation.  The program aims to increase physical activity and participation in sport and recreation  and is  an incentive for the rational development of good quality,  well designed and well utilised facilities. 
Read more about this funding and how to apply here.

Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme


The Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme (ATSS) supports talented athletes aged 13-21 years to progress along their sport’s development pathway.

Department of Sport and Recreation are accepting applications from Regional athletes only for the current rounds of the Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme

More information on the updated guidelines or email

Club Equipment Subsidy Scheme


The Club Equipment Subsidy (CESS) provides funding to community sporting clubs for the purchase of sporting equipment for training and competition purposes. A once yearly (calendar year) subsidy of $500 is available to eligible sporting clubs. The CESS is part of the State Government’s Supporting Community Sport Initiative, funded by the Royalties for Regions Program and the Department of Sport and Recreation. 

Department of Sport and Recreation are accepting applications from Regional athletes only for the current rounds of the Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme

More information on the guidelines or email

Australian Sports Foundation Equipment Giveaway

Australian Sports Foundation are giving away $1 million worth of sports equipment to clubs and associations. The link below will take you to a page where you can register your clubs interest in receiving some of the funding. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page!

Australian Sports Foundation $1million giveaway!

In partnership with Spartan Sports, the Australians sports foundation are giving away $1 million worth of product and equipment!
They have $1 million worth of product and equipment to give away to grassroots clubs through our Giving4GrassrootsTM program.

Spartan Sports ambassador Michael Clarke announced the giveaway, which is the biggest in Australian history by a sporting manufacturer. According to the Australian Sports Commission’s AusPlay report, just two per cent of children are active every day outside of school hours and we want to change this!
“The ball is central to the playing of just about every sport, particularly team sports. It takes one ball to start a game and a strong partnership like this is a great way to create real change and have real impact in our communities,” Clarke said.
Don’t miss out!

Rotary Club Of Kalamunda Community Grants

2017 – Closing 15 November 2017
The Rotary Club of Kalamunda invites suitable applicants to apply for a Community Grant of up to $20,000 to support a new or existing project/initiative. Please download the guideline and application form or for more information visit the Rotary website at

Maccas Community Grants

Maccas Junior Sports Grants program aims to increase participation in junior sports across WA.  The Grants provide successful clubs with basic sporting equipment that encourages participation. So, if your club needs some new uniforms or equipment, apply now. For more information and to apply, visit the website.

Holden Grass Roots Advantage

Holden are getting behind grass roots sporting clubs across Australia, giving you the chance to apply for grants of $10,000 to improve club facilities. For further information and to apply, please visit the Holden website.

Community Participation Funding

Are you a not-for-profit organisation or a club? Do you have a new project idea that will help to encourage low participation groups (e.g. Aboriginal people, multicultural groups or people with disability) to get involved in sport and active recreation? 

Apply for Community Participation Fundingemail the Department or call WeiQi Ng on 08 9492 9852 to discuss your project further.

Community Living and Participation Grants

Community Living and Participation GrantsGrants up to $10,000 are available, for community groups or individuals, for equipment or activities so people with disability can take part in community recreational or social activities.

Visit Community Living and Participation grants website for more information or call National Disability Services on 08 9208 9830.

Sporting Champions – Australia wide

Local Sporting Champions
Grants to help young people pursue their sporting dreams
Young people find it difficult to meet the ongoing and significant costs associated with participation at sporting competitions, particularly those from regional areas.

The Local Sporting Champions program is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance for young people aged 12-18 towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing, coaching or officiating at an official national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed state, national or international sporting championships or a School Sport Australia state or national championships.

Application forms
Local Sporting Champions Program – Individual Application
Team grants are no longer available.  Team members are encouraged to apply for an individual grant.

Who is eligible?
The Local Sporting Champions program is designed to support young people participating in state, national and international level sporting championships as either an athlete, coach or official.

In order to be eligible to apply for a Local Sporting Champions grant, young people must meet the following criteria:

  • Be turning 12 to 18 years of age in the same calendar year as the nominated sporting championship.
  • Be an Australian citizen or have been granted permanent resident status, residing in Australia.
  • Be participating as an athlete, coach, umpire or referee in:
    • an official state championships endorsed by the relevant Australian Sports Commission (ASC) recognised national sporting organisation (NSO), or
    • an official state school sport championship endorsed by a School Sport Australia member body, or
    • an official national championships endorsed by the relevant ASC recognised NSO, or
    • a national school sport championships endorsed by School Sport Australia
    • an international competition as a member of an official Australian team, endorsed by an ASC recognised NSO or School Sport Australia.
  • Be living more than 125km from the championship venue, and travelling greater than 250km return to participate in the nominated championship.
  • Must complete and submit application to the ASC prior to the nominated championship commencing.
  • Must not have received a Local Sporting Champions grant for an application submitted in the same allocation year (1 March – 28 February).
  • Must not have received $500 or more in federal government funding for the nominated championship.
  • Must not be participating in a professional competition that involves prize money greater than $500.

Saved applications must be completed and submitted prior to the championship. View more information here


Round Opening & Closing Dates

Assessment Timeline

Applicants advised of outcome of application

Round 1, 2016/17

1 March 2016 - 30 June 2016

July - August

July - August

Round 2, 2016/17

1 July 2016 - 31 October 2016

Nov- Dec

Nov - Dec

Round 3, 2016/17

1 November 2016 - 28 February 2017

March - April

March - April

Round 1, 2017/18

1 March 2017 - 30 June 2017

July - August

July - August

If you have any queries regarding the Financial Assistance Programs, please contact the City’s Recreation Services Officer, on 9257 9839 or alternatively via email,

Grants Directory

To assist Clubs and Community Groups with sourcing the latest information on funding that is available through the State, Local and Selected Commowealth Government, please refer to the Grant Directory as per the link below.

The Directory provides information on a wide range of grants available to communities and local governments through the State Government and selected Commonwealth Government agencies, as well as a number of private sector organisations.

View Grants Directory

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